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Tempest is the New York City Headquarters for Milwaukee Brewers Fans

With our New York Mets spending the post-season in their usual spot on the sidelines, we decided to adopt one of the still-standing teams as our National League favorite for this post season.

In an easy call, we’ve chosen The Milwaukee Brewers . It’s owned by a Yankee fan from the Bronx, who says he celebrated the Yankees 1976 World Series win so heartily that he flunked a Latin final. Bob Uecker has been the Voice of the Team for 40 years. The Brewers are from the smallest market in the MLB, and have achieved success the old-fashioned way – by developing home grown talent and making smart trades.

The team is led by MVP candidate Ryan Braun, who had more right than anyone to be aggrieved by Jose Reyes’ disappearing act this week, yet took the high road, saying, “I respect whatever decision he decided to make, and ultimately he left the door open for me.” Braun and several of the team’s other stars are signed for the long haul, because, as he put it, “It would honestly be more meaningful to me to eventually win one championship here than to go to New York or Boston and win multiple championships.” He’s the polar opposite of Lebron James. How can you not love a guy who now laughs at his role in the most embarrassing moment in MLB in 2011?

Thus, we’ll be rooting for the Milwaukee Brewers to win its two rounds of playoff games and make it to the World Series, and we invite the many Brewers fans in NYC – whether vintage fans or bandwagon hoppers like us – to join us for one or all of the games. For the new fans, warm yourself up glancing through this video archive of top Brewers moments in 2011.

We have plenty of room for all your friends, and we’ll be offering $4 pints for every game.

Check back here for more details in the coming days!

Ryan Braun at Bat

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