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The Best Saturday Night Karaoke in NYC Gets Even Better

Tempest Bar NYC has long offered the best karaoke in NYC every Saturday night.

Now, we’ve made it even better. First, we’ve completed a renovation of the bar that has all of our regulars oohing and aahing.

Next, we’ve engaged Big City Karaoke, the best karaoke DJ in NYC, to rock our Saturday nights for the foreseeable future. Check out its song book and start rehearsing!

Put aside all notions you may have of karaoke. Tempest is not a stodgy hotel bar where shy tourist fail badly while warbling a Whitney Houston tune. No, we have New Yorkers and out-of-towners with attitude and spunk, who bound up to the mike and blast out impressive performances of a wide range of rock and pop tunes. It’s always a huge hit.

See our YouTube Channel for some sample performances.

For those new to Tempest Bar, know that we offer $4 pints, a great price on other drinks, a pool table and dart board, and we have plenty of room for large groups. We also  provide a select bar menu from 12 noon to 4am everyday.

Newcastle Werewolf Beer Event

Earlier this month, in response to popular demand, and as part of our renovation, we added The One and Only Newcastle Brown Ale to our lineup of beers on tap. It’s known not only for its great taste, but also for some of its quirky commercials that only the British could produce.

A collateral benefit to this is that we were invited also to add Newcastle Werewolf Beer – one of four limited edition brews – to our lineup. We added it just a few days ago, and it has elicited startled howls from many of our customers, who order glass after glass of it.

The beer has generated so much joy at Tempest Bar that we’ve decided to throw a party for it. Come down on Tuesday evening, October 30 for a taste of a beer that’s made Tempest Bar an even better place to spend your autumn. Representatives of the beer’s NYC City distributor will be on hand to make sure everyone enjoys the beer’s “dark, startling aroma, roasty flavor, and a final taste of hops that leaves you howling for more.”

Fans of great beer, great bars and werewolves are welcome.

To get you in the mood, enjoy some werewolves from pop culture:

Host Your Holiday Party or other gathering at Tempest Bar

Tempest Bar NYC provides a way for companies and colleagues to get into the holiday spirit without leaving a Christmas-sized hole in their wallet.

We have several large areas in the bar that we can turn over to your group, including a separate room in the back, with NO ROOM FEE. As you may have heard, we recently underwent a total renovation, and the place looks fabulous. Have no fear though, the place still retains its old-school NYC tavern charm, as well as its pool table, dart boards and classic jukebox.

Drinks start with $4 pints of beer, a great price on pitchers, and more than reasonable prices for all other forms of holiday cheer.

Want to have food? You’re welcome to arrange your own catering, or we’ll arrange for it fro you, from a local restaurant, at take-out food prices. Just tell us your budget and preferences and the food will be waiting for you.

Slots are booking quickly for the holiday season, so call Joe Kennedy at 212-643-1502 today to reserve yours.

The new Tempest Bar – Now Serving Food!

Tempest Bar NYC now provides a

select bar menu from noon to 4am everyday.

New York City pubs aren’t what they used to be.

A pub can’t be an authentic, old school New York City pub without a hint of grit and throwback bartenders with a bit of a hard edge.

Sure, everyone likes clean and comfortable places, but as New York City’s neighborhoods gentrify, its old school pubs are disappearing.

Popping up in their place are Disneyfied imitations. Large corporations own glossy locations, staffed by chirpy staff in pressed uniforms, graduated from a corporate training course. They are managed by non-New Yorkers situated far away, who make all decisions about how customers, mostly tourists, will be treated.

This polished professionalism comes at a price: these establishments are devoid of personality and any hint of “local color,” and belong in an airport in the midwest, not in the greatest city in the world.

The Tempest Bar has proudly been an authentic, old school New York City pub for several decades. It’s been managed for 20 years by Joe Kennedy, a sole proprietor from County Tipperary.

Tempest underwent a thorough renovation recently. But fear not! You won’t see a hint of pressed wood or plastic or off-the-shelf decorations at Tempest Bar. No, our renovation was managed by a contractor who has renovated historic Manhattan establishments such as Fraunces Tavern.

We repainted everything, but then restored the distressed look befitting a landmark bar. A welcome surprise was uncovering an historic skylight above our dance floor and pool table; it is now exposed for all to see.

At Tempest, you’ll encounter a staff of rugged individuals offering authentic hospitality in a quirky, yet clean and comfortable environment that pays homage to its humble origins. Our beloved jukebox is not for the faint of heart, so come energized and prepare to rub elbows on our dance floor, underneath our skylight, with one of the best bar crowds in NYC.

Tempest Bar has installed a pool table alongside its famed dartboards, and will offer karaoke every Saturday night.

Not only do we serve outstanding, inexpensive drinks, but we also provide a select bar menu from 12 noon to 4am everyday. You can enjoy a few drinks and a good meal for under $30. Where else in Manhattan can you do that, while enjoying classic Irish hospitality?

We’re at 30th Street and Eighth Avenue, one of the most convenient locations in the city. To get here, just hop aboard one of the six subway lines that cross through Penn Station.

We look forward to meeting you at the new Tempest Bar.

The Best Bar for NY Comic Con 2012 After Parties

New York Comic Con is a cultural icon that has gone from being solely about comic books to a multimedia orgy. Movie stars compete comic book characters for fans attention. As the story lines of comic books have gotten more mature, the number of mature fans has exploded; this week is their Super Bowl, their Oscars, their New Year’s Eve, all rolled into one.

Tempest Bar NYC is the unofficial party headquarters for New York Comic-con. Located at 407 8th Ave (near 30th St), we’re about a 10 minute walk from Javits Center. We can’t wait to see you – hopefully in costume, though you’re just as welcome without.

Several groups are hosting open parties at our place. ComixTribe is having its 2nd Annual “Imbibe with the Tribe Drink & Draw” Event at Tempest on Thursday, October 11. We expect large groups of costumed Comic-con attendees every night of the show.

Come see us for $4 pints, and you can have 3 for the price that you’d pay at a tourist trap right down the road. Which means, of course, that you can afford to stay all night! Hungry? Of course you are. And we won’t limit you to our fare or fancy meals – we invite you to order in. Yes, you can pick from all of the delivery options around – so, from pizza to Thai to Japanese to sandwiches, you can get whatever YOU want to eat, at delivery prices.

So, come on over to Tempest after Comic Con – the more, the merrier.

Carlsberg Sponsored Bar for Euro 2012 NYC

We are happy to announce that Tempest Bar NYC is one of the few, Carlsberg-sponsored bars in NYC for Euro 2012.

What does this mean?

We will be showing all Euro 2012 games with HD/full audio on our large flat screen TVs. We will be hosting a number of sponsored Carlsberg parties, with giveaways, beer specials, and much more!

The Carlsberg sponsorship is just one more reason that Tempest Bar  is the best bar in NYC to watch Euro 2012. Unlike most other places, we don’t have a big lunch crowd to compete for our attention. Every one of our flat screen televisions will be turned to the Euro 2012 matches, with full surround sound audible in every inch of our space. We also have large spaces available for all of your fellow fans. We are, at our heart, a football bar. It’s religion to us.

We serve the best pizza in NYC, from our partner NY Pizza Suprema, and can also offer a wide range of sandwiches, wraps, paninis and salads from Gardenia Deli, across the street, with no mark-up; you can eat-in at takeout prices. We also offer the best beer prices in NYC.

If you work or live in Midtown West, we’re the place for you. If you don’t, well then do as the Europeans do, and tell your boss you need some time off to watch football, and come watch it at Tempest Bar.

Watch the Belmont Stakes at Tempest Bar NYC

On the heels of the festive parties we held for the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, we’ve decided that We’ll Have Another.

On Saturday, June 9, we’ll host one of the best Belmont Stakes parties in NYC. We’ll have the race on every one of our flat screen TVs, in full surround sound.

There will be no need to meekly ask the bartender to change the channel to the Belmont, as you might encounter in other bars that simply don’t understand the thrill of horse racing or the magnitude of I’ll Have Another’s Triple Crown attempt. At Tempest Bar NYC, horse racing is religion.

Our magnificent bartender, Arielle, will be pouring a litany of New York-themed special cocktails. As always, we’ll be offering the best beer prices in NYC, and pies of the best pizza in NYC. How much more New York can you get?

Watch Euro 2012 in NYC

Next week marks the beginning of Euro 2012. It’s a competition that, like the Olympics and World Cup, comes every four years. For many Europeans, it’s more emotional than either of those competitions, as its neighbor vs. neighbor.

A total of sixteen national teams square off in a month-long competition that is Euro 2012. For formalists, it is actually called the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship. The 16 teams are divided into 4 groups of 4 teams. Each team plays a match against the other three teams in its group, with games every four days.

Two Euro 2012 Group Matches will be played each day from June 8 through June 19, at noon and 2:45 pm NY time,

The quarter-finals shall be played each day from June 21 to June 24. The semi-finals will be played on June 27-28, with the final on July 1.

The official Euro 2012 website keeps you up to date on the latest information, including the schedule for Euro 2012.

What is the best bar in NYC for Euro 2012?

As one of the few remaining authentic Irish taverns in NYC, and owned by a sole proprietor who has long been an avid English soccer fan, Tempest Bar NYC has a long tradition of showcasing European soccer matches.

These game are not easy to find in NYC. Most bars don’t show any soccer at all, and don’t like to interrupt the lunch crowd by playing the sound from soccer games. At Tempest Bar, we turn the sound up loud for every game

With large TVs everywhere you turn, $4 pints, a pool table, and world class darts, Tempest Bar is one of the very best bars in New York City to watch Euro 2012.


Welcome Sailors!

New York City is in the midst of an invasion.

Starting tomorrow, thousands of sailors, marines and Coast Guardsmen and other seamen and seawomen will be visiting NYC on dozens of navy and Coast Guard vessels for FleetWeek New York, as well as tall ships as part of OpSail2012. Many of the fabulous ships that visitors flock to are parked at the Intrepid Pier and Piers 90 and 92 on Manhattan’s West Side, in the high 40s or low 50s on 12th Avenue.

For these sailors, the week is an opportunity to show off their ships and to cut loose in NYC, a venerable sailor tradition.

Tempest Bar NYC wants to help these fine men and women honor this tradition. For the duration of Fleet Week (May 23 – 30), we will pour a free shot for anyone in uniform associated with Fleet Week or OpSail.

Tempest Bar offers the best beer prices in midtown Manhattan, including $4 pints of Coor’s Light and Tempest Amber Lager.

We also serve inexpensive, but fabulous, food catered by outstanding takeout eateries nearby, including the Gardenia Deli across the street and NY Pizza Suprema, the best pizza in NYC, a few doors down.

The Indianapolis 500

On Sunday, May 27, 2012, it’s the 96th edition of the Indianapolis 500.

The event may have a somber tone to it, given that last year’s winner, Dan Wheldon, died last October from injuries suffered in a race in Las Vegas. Click here for a review of the history and traditions of the Indy 500.

Aussie Ryan Briscoe won the pole position for this year’s event by the closest margin ever – just 0.0023 of a second – so small that runner-up James Hinchcliffe said it could have been caused by  “a gust of wind [or] a shadow over a corner that changes.”

Pre-race festivities begin in earnest at 11 am, which is when Tempest Bar will open for the day. The riders will be introduced at 11:30 am, and the Indy 500 begins at noon NYC time.

See the full schedule of events for Indy 500 week and race day.

Tempest Bar will be the best bar in NYC to watch the Indy 500. We have many large-screen TVs and will have the sound turned up on several of them. We offer the best beer prices in midtown Manhattan, and welcome you to bring in your own food. We have several outstanding takeout eateries nearby, including the Gardenia Deli across the street and NY Pizza Suprema a few doors down.